Wednesday, August 11, 2010

want to share my poem

here is my poem about my baby girl

My baby
Finding out I could not have children was so devastating to me,
Thats all I ever wanted,a mom is what I wished to be.

There were so many days I wouldn't get out of bed,
For I couldn't get the sadness to ever leave my head.

Then the day I saw the add "puppy's for sale"
I got this feeling inside me and when we met, oh how you wagged your tail.

I knew right away it was love at first sight,
For when I held you in my arms, everything felt just right.

Those little blue eyes looking at me,
I brought you home and my heart was filled with glee.

Never had I known just how attached you could get,
For you have become my daughter, surely not my pet.

her chip in is
and also all proceeds from my jewelry shop is going towards her surgery.. 

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