Wednesday, August 11, 2010

want to share my poem

here is my poem about my baby girl

My baby
Finding out I could not have children was so devastating to me,
Thats all I ever wanted,a mom is what I wished to be.

There were so many days I wouldn't get out of bed,
For I couldn't get the sadness to ever leave my head.

Then the day I saw the add "puppy's for sale"
I got this feeling inside me and when we met, oh how you wagged your tail.

I knew right away it was love at first sight,
For when I held you in my arms, everything felt just right.

Those little blue eyes looking at me,
I brought you home and my heart was filled with glee.

Never had I known just how attached you could get,
For you have become my daughter, surely not my pet.

her chip in is
and also all proceeds from my jewelry shop is going towards her surgery.. 


well lets see, it has been quite a while since my last post! Not many friends on here but using it as a place to write my thoughts is good. well 2 more weeks till Dakotas surgery and 8 weeks till our wedding! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   well there is something special i want to share! On June 30th i started a chip in site. (Pin Up for Pit Bulls recommended me to do so) I had attitude and was like "yeah like someone is gonna help us!!! Well..... since June 30th we have gotten 117 donations! Just typing that makes my throat all heavy and my eyes want to water. 177 ppl!! (and I only know 2) I have mixed feelings of that piece. anyways, we have gotten 91% of the money we need!
Kota even Got nominated for "pay it forward" by a great group called Concrete angels, where ppl were asked to chip in $1 out of their life, and pay it forward. It was amazing, and I also pay it forward to others in need.
 ALSO the wonderful group "Pin up For pit bulls"  sent us a grant application, which I had filled out probably a dozen other funding applications and were immediately denied BUT Kota GOT IT!!! A $500 Grant, so now all we need is $213 by her surgery date which is Aug 24th.

My baby had her good days and bad days. Good days she thinks she's ok to run again and will try to do so and it leads into a "bad night" Im still massaging her leg, icing, it and giving her lots of TLC!! She is my world and seeing her like this is horrible but from what Ive been told "I aint seen nothin yet" I cant even imagine what the next 6 months will be. No toe touching for a week, then no jumping, running, playing!! Goshh..l if you knew my dog.. she is soooooo hyper.. Keeping her from running and jumping for months and months... UGHHH
someone also very generously  donated a back end harness to us 9which was soo thoughtful!!)  but we have tried it over and over and get get it right and we end up with a dog shaking bad and scared! we are going to try a sling..   This has taken a toll, and then trying to still get married on 10-10-10 like we have planned for soo long is , uhh well driving me insane!!   well enough writing for now. Needed to vent. Not sure any one reads my blog, well seeming I only have like 4 followers.. yeah prob not but it feels good to let it out.. even if its in random cyber world! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


can anyone tell me how to search for ppl or groups on here?


Well back from the specialist. Kotas surgery is probably gonna be 1800-3000 :( i cant believe this, here I am trying to recover from knee surgery and now have to find the funds for my precious angel to have knee surgery.. ughh

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my baby needs help

Hi, My name is Rebecca Bickford, I am from Maine and I have a 7 yr old pit bull named dakota..She is my princess, my whole world. When i found out I couldnt have children I got her and she sure is my child, I never knew there could be such a bond between pet pet and owner, or may i say mother and daughter.Well,2 weeks ago my dog was doing her daily running in our back field (and boy can my girl run) well she hurt her left back leg, she was in severe pain and couldn't put any weight on it. I brought her to the vet and he said she tore a ligament in her knee, but due to her weight and the fact it wasn't popping that she shouldn't need surgery, and then he put her on anti-inflammatory meds. She started to get better but yesterday while outside her leg gave out on her and now she is in severe pain and once again not allowing any weight on it, and when it moves it makes a popping sound. She is crying, yelping, and cant walk on her own.Being scared, again I went to the vet today and he said she will need a anterior cruciate ligament surgery which will be between 1500-3000.00 (and I am looking around at different vets that may be on the lowers 1500 side!) I am so scared because seeing her in pain is killing me, she is my whole world, but do to a knee injury myself (actually the same EXACT injury) So i also know her pain and torn meniscus's sure do hurt, I am in a brace now, so we look like quite the pair!I The thing is I have little income and my fiance is primarily unemployed. I just cant bare seeing her in pain and not being able to help her. She will not let me leave her side, and while yelping looks at me the whole time like "help me mommy" and i feel like a failure of a mother, so I have decided to start looking for help.Many organizations have said they cannot help because it is not life threatening, but seeing and hearing her in such pain is killing me. My world is in pain and not being able to fix it hurts so bad. If anyone can make ANY donation, I would be forever grateful. Her site is